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Sarah Thomason

Hey everyone, as some of you know, I have spent the last year focusing on improving my business, and trying to get my motivation back for creating new and exciting costume pieces.

Part of my lack of motivation had a lot to do with how I felt about myself. Over the past five years, I had gained almost 60 pounds… I didn't feel good about myself, and had the hardest time finding the motivation to get my health under control. It was just easier to use food as a comfort, and let depression dictate how I spent my time.

There aren't many things that can give me the motivation to change….. but the idea of getting some extraspending money for doing something I should already be doing for myself.

Healthy Wage gave me an opportunity to find that motivation.

I went to the website, used their water calculator to set what I thought was a reasonable goal, and was shocked to see that if I met it, I would win over $1800.

I paid in $70 a month for eight months; Just a little more than i would have paid for a decent gym membership. I did some research on the most effective weight loss regimens, and after a lot of research, i decided to start with a very low carb diet.

I started a modified (read: lazy, dirty) Keto diet on December 17 2017. For anyone who is unfamiliar, Keto is a high fat, low carb way of eating that encourages eating whole foods , such as grass fed beef, and lots of leafy green veggies cooked in natural oils and fats. It cuts out all sugars, bread, pasta, and any other high carb foods.

Many people have used the Keto way of eating to manage health issues, and lose and keep weight off.

Since December, I have successfully lost 50 lbs, and won my Healthy Wage bet. I have had lots of friends and family ask about my success and about the Healthy Wage app.

Anyone who would like to ask me about how I lost the weight, or anyone who has questions about Healthy Wage or how it works, please feel free to reach out. I am happy to talk about it.

For anyone who would like to participate in the Health Wage program, please use the link below so that I can get points eith their affiliate program. :)

Thank you so much!